Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Links to my work

My Grove booklet entitled Hope for the Ocean.

My article in the American Scientific Affiliation's magazine God and Nature.

Learn about A Rocha. I am helping them develop their global Marine and Coastal Conservation Programme.

I continue to work with the A Rocha Kenya to develop their marine research.

Faith and Marine Conservation resources that can help you integrate your faith and love of the ocean.

Blogs from A Rocha Kenya marine researchers and volunteers here.

Google scholar profile profile -  where you can download many of my science papers.

Researchgate  - you can also download science papers here

Linked In

I would heartily recommend my friend Ruth Bancewicz's blog Science and Belief, not just because she published a three part interview with me some months ago. I find her work focusing on creativity and beauty in science very thought provoking - see what you think. Her new book also features some of my work and the book website includes these videos.

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